Do You Want More Leads Faster?

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One of the biggest questions we’ve gotten from previous members was “how can I get this implemented and generating revenue as quickly as possible?

The quick answer is — there are two parts to the process.

1: Implement your cold emailing strategy faster and start getting meetings sooner.

2: Learn the exact process and mindset for converting more of the meetings you book.

This package will help you get a massive head start in both areas.

I (Bryan) will personally review your cold emails and have a 1-on-1 training session with you to help you understand what you’re doing wrong, where you can improve, and any other questions you may have.

We can focus on whatever your biggest problem is. Whether that is how to position your messaging for your specific niche, how to convert more leads into sales, your current sales process… it’s literally all about helping you get over your one big hurdle so that you can start landing more contracts.

We can schedule this call whenever you need it most. I’d suggest we wait to talk until after you’ve had a chance to go through a good chunk of the training. That way, you won’t need to ask any questions that are already being covered in the course.

The great part about being able to schedule our 1-on-1 training session at anytime is that if you’re cold emails are already generating meetings but you want to increase your conversions — I can help.

Think about what it would mean to you and your business if you closed just one more new deal before the end of the year. Would it be worth investing $1,000 for a personal consultation? What about all the extra deals you’d have a head start on closing in the next quarter?

Typically I charge $15,000 for a day of consulting, but today only you can lock it in for just $1,000. (Note this pricing is only good for one, 1-on-1 session.)

If that sounds like something you’d benefit from, click the button below. You’ll get an email from us within 48  hours to discuss scheduling our call.

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 P.S. This is the final offer.  On the next page your order will be completed and you will get directions on how to access the system and register for your bonuses.