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As you’re probably already aware (or maybe you aren’t) the cost of the training is going to be going up. In fact, it is going to double. In 2015, the full training will cost $4,000.00

Before it goes up, I wanted to give you one last option to get in at the best price possible. Full disclosure, I’ve never sold access to the program at this low of a price point, and probably never will again.  Please do not share this pricing offer with anyone.

The reason I’m doing this is because I don’t want you to go through the first 4 modules, realize that this stuff works and that you really want access to the complete training but realize you can’t afford the $4,000.00 it will cost to upgrade.

As you saw on the order form, we are charging $1,997 for the full course. That’s $497.00 for the first four modules and $1,500.00 for access to the complete training. This is your chance to get complete, instant access for only an additional $500.00

In the Breakthrough Sales you will learn:

  1. How to find your prospect’s budget and get into their heads in just the very first meeting

  2. How to deal with and use your competition to your advantage

  3. How to increase your conversion rates and close more deals

  4. Why you shouldn’t be following up and how to get out of the follow-up game forever

  5. The fastest way to find out exactly what your customers want to hear in order to get them to say yes

  6. How to find out a prospects true intention and see if they are the TRUE decision maker

  7. How to analyze your pipeline and determine which prospects you should be spending time with

  8. How to get your clients to sell for you — an easy and proven referral strategy

  9. And so much more

Do you want to upgrade for just $497 and get instant access and to start closing more deals at our lowest price point ever?

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P.S. This is the last offer. After this page you will get immediate access to the Cold Emailing System Course in your inbox.


Bryan Kreuzberger